Re-entry system for Committed or Sincere Workers

We often hear about the term “sincere worker” among EPS workers in Korea. What exactly is it and how does one become a “sincere worker”?

First batch of sincere workers arrived in Incheon in 2012

The “Re-entry system for Committed workers” was first implemented on July 2, 2012. In this system, foreign workers are allowed to come back to Korea after 3 months as long as they fit the requirements.

The Re-entry System for Sincere Workers or 성실외국인근로자

○The Re-entry System for Sincere Workers is conducted for foreign workers (E-9 visa) who worked earnestly without changing workplace during their employment period (4-year and 10-month) and went back to their countries voluntarily, are allowed to re-enter and work again in Korea after three months have passed since their departure.

Ang re-entry system para sa mga sincere workers ay para lamang sa mga may E-9 visa na nagtrabaho sa loob ng 4 na taon at sampung buwan, umuwi sa bansa pagkatapos ng kontrata, at pinayagan na bumalik ng Korea pagkatapos ng tatlong buwan.

– If you are a E-9 visa holder foreign worker, please refer to the requirements for the Re-entry System for Committed Workers as follows:
Ang sumusunod ay ang mga kwalipikasyon. Basahin kung maaari kayong maging sincere worker.

➀ Without changing workplace during the employment period;
Hindi nagpalit ng kumpanya na pinagtrabahuhan.

➁ Manufacturing businesses with 50 employees or fewer, or in the agriculture & livestock, or fishery sector;
Ang kumpanya ay hindi lalagpas ng 50 empleyado.

➂ Shall be entered into a contract of employment with the employer for more than one year in effect from the date of starting work after he/she re-enters Korea;
Mabibigyan ng kontrata ng kumpanya ng isang taon o higit pa bilang isang “sincere worker”

➃ Person who went back to his/her country voluntarily before the end of the period of sojourn;
Umuwi ng kusa noong natapos ang visa.

➄ Shall be qualified for the issuance a written employment permit, quota for foreign workers in each workplace etc.;
Dapat ay kwalipikado ng MOEL o Ministry of Employment and Labor na mabigyan ng kontrata para sa “sincere worker”.
– Kailangan na payag ang sincere worker na magtrabaho sa kumpanya.
– Kailangan gusto ng kumpanya na magtrabaho sa kanila ang sincere worker.
– Kailangan na mabigyan ng permiso ng MOEL ang sincere worker.

➅ The application for a re-entry employment permit shall be made between one month and seven days before the end of the extended employment period in the last workplace.
Ang aplikasyon para sa “sincere worker” ay kailangan gawin ng isang buwan at pitong araw (o higit pa) bago matapos ang visa sa ekstensyon (yung 1 taon at sampung buwan)


1. Contract of labor contract (Korean company ↔ employee)
2. Issuance of employment permit (Korean company ↔ employment center)
3. Application for agency and agency payment (Korean company ↔ Human Resources Development Korea)
4. Application / issuance of visa issuance certificate after leaving worker (Korean company ↔ Immigration Office)
5. Entering the immigration plan
6. After the health check-up and private insurance, delivery of workers (HRD Korea ↔ Korean company)

SOURCE: 외국인근로자 고용 등에 관한 법률 [시행 2012. 7. 2 – 법률 제11276호, 2012. 2. 1 일부 개정]
Act on the Employment of Foreign Workers [Revised on July 2, 2012 – Law No. 11276, Revised on February 2, 2012]


  1. Hello! Pwede pa po bang ma sincere ung naka pag work na dati ng 4 years and 10 months? Naka balik napo ulit ng korea another 4 years and 10 month po ( ex korean) pwede pa po ba kaming ma sincere ng company namin? Salamat po…

    1. Ibig pong sabihin nakapag- 4 year and 10 months na tapos bumalik uli for 4 years and 10 months so ang tanong nyo po ay pangatlong punta? Sa ngayon po ay wala pa pong malinaw na guideline para dito. Hintay hintay po tayo.

    1. Wala pong ganyang announcement from the MOJ. Ang na-announce pa lang ay limit na 9 years and 8 months ~ yan lang po. Wala pa silang sinasabi kung walang sincere.

      1. Mam..tanong ko lang po..kasi po yung asawa ko nakatapos po siya ng 3+3 last 2011,umuwi po siya.. tapos nag KLT siya,naka alis po uli siya ng 2013..matatapos po ang 4yrs.and 10 mons. niya sa May 2018..may chance po kaya na makabalik uli siya bilang isang sincere worker?..sabi daw po kasi hanggang ngayong 2017 nalang ang sincere worker..dina man po siya pwede na sa E-7-4 kasi po 43 na siya..Salamat po..

  2. Pwede po ba masincere yung 4 years and 5 months sa 2nd company? Nirelease po kasi Ako sa dating company kopo.. May paraan poba para duon po? Ty po mam sa sagot po.. Gusto po kasi ako i sincere sana ng amo kopo..

  3. Can a former eps worker re enter korea with tourist visa? Wala po bang ban sa mga finish contract na eps n mgtour sa korea?

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