2017 KAC Home Country Visit for Multicultural Families

This program is for the benefit of multicultural families in Korea. The Korea Airport Association and the Korean National Red Cross are sponsoring 100 families to visit their home country.

Read on to find out if you’re qualified to join.

Who can join? Multicultural families residing in Korea

Included countries:

Tour length: 9 nights/10 days or 14 nights/15 days

Selection is made through a screening.

1. Family earns 70% or less than the nation’s median income
2. Have been married and living in Korea for more than 3 years
3. Have not visited their home country for at least 3 years
4. Have not benefited from a similar project by KAC and Korean Red Cross

~ Round trip tickets for the couple and their kids. Families with no kids may include their parents-in-law instead. (Maximum of four people per family)
~ Accommodation fees for the number of people who will join the trip will be provided after departure.

How to apply:
~ Online application
~ Documents need to be submitted after application
~ Include name and phone number on the documents

Documents required:
– Personal information collection agreement (download form)
– ID card
– Family Relations Certificate
– Immigration certificate
– (Applicant) Certificate of the recipient, confirmation of the next higher class, a single parent’s family certificate
– Certificate of Health Insurance Payment Certificate (February to April 2017) and 1 copy of Health Insurance Qualification Certificate

Download Application or Apply Online

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