How to Change E-9 to F-2-6 Visa

Permission for Visa Status Change of Foreign-Skilled Workers

A. Basis: F-2 Residence status management guideline for foreign skilled-workers

–  Ministry of Justice Order #946

B. Eligible applicants for visa status change

A person who meets all requirements below

① You want to engage in employment on an E-9 Non-professional․E-10 Maritime Crew or H-2 Work and Visit visa at the time of application.

② You have been engaged in employment in manufacturing, construction, agriculture or fishery for at least 4 years on a D-3 Industrial Trainee, E-8 Trainee Employment, E-9 Non-professional, E-10 Maritime Crew (including ‘coastwise crew’ status) or H-2 Work and Visit in the past 10 years.

《How to Calculate the Total Period of Employment (4 years)》
① Past employment period through a D-4 General Trainee, E-9 Non-Professional, Maritime Crew (E-10, including ‘coastwise crew’ status) are combined to calculate to the total period of employment.
② Also, if you have re-entered the RoK in a month from the initial departure, the period will be considered as an employment period as well.

C. Requirements

An eligible applicant from above who meets all the following conditions:

① You have acquired techniques or skills circumscribed by the Special Table 1 through a test administered by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (hereinafter referred to as ‘techniques․skills conditions’) OR the average annual wage income for the
past 2 years is equal or higher than the total amount of wage (the total wage amount for 12 months) (hereinafter referred to as ‘wage conditions’).

※ Total Salary = monthly pay (base wage+overtime wage)+{special wage from last year (bonus+performance based incentives)/12}
※ Please see media releases on ‘Employment Conditions for Each Type of Employment’ announced by the Ministry of Employment Labor regarding ‘Wage conditions‘ (Ministry of Employment and Labor, Please go to for checking)
※ Those who apply for the change of status to F-2 Residence through wage conditions must be engaged in the same industrial field for at least 3 years out of the total employment period

② You must be able to support yourself and your dependents financially. for example, you must have financial assets worth at least 20 million won.

③ You are considered an adult under the Korean Civil Law.

④ You have scored the level 3 of the Korean Language Aptitude Test administered by the National Institute for International Education, or you have passed the Level 4 “Korean Language and Culture” course or higher level course of the Korea Immigration Integration Program prescribed by Article 48 of the Enforcement Decree of the Korean Immigration Control Act. the Nevertheless, this does not apply to those who have been educated at a high school as set forth in the「Elementary․Secondary Education Act」 or the 「Higher Education Act」or a university (industry college․education university․community college or Korea National Open University) OR to those who have industrial engineer licenses as set forth in Paragraph.

D. Required Documents

① Visa application form(enclosed form #34), passport and alien registration card, fees

② Documents proving you have maintained at least 20 million KRW in your bank account for the past year. Documents proving your financial ability or your family member’s financial ability to support the family such as a certified copy of real estate register․a photocopy of real estate lease contract or other documents equivalent to that recognized by the Minister of Justice. All documents must verify that you have at least 20 million KRW worth of assets.

③ Documents proving your past employment history such as a proof of employment, career certificate and etc. However, if an immigration officer can check your career history through the immigration information system, then you will be exempt from submitting these documents.

④ Documents proving your future employment engagement in fields where you were previously employed such as a certificate of prospective employment, standard employment contract

⑤ Documents proving the respective qualifications as set forth in the【Special Table 1】(limited to those fall under Article 3(2) ‘Techniques․Skills Conditions’)

⑥ Documents proving that you are earning incomes (such as a Receipt for Earned Income Tax Withholding) [for an eligible person under ‘Salary Requirements’ in accordance with paragraph 1, Article 3(2) only)

⑦ A transcript(report card) of the Korean Language Test or a certificate proving the completion of the Korea Immigration Integration Program, however, if you are qualified for conditions in accordance with paragraph 4, Article 3(2), you should submit documents which prove that you have completed at least 2 years of education or graduated in the RoK.

E. Range of Employment

If you are a foreign skilled worker in a production line and have obtained F-2 residence status, you are NOT allowed to work in fields where you were previously employed.

F. Cancellation of F-2 Residential Status

If you meet any of the conditions below after changing your status to F-2 residence as a foreign skilled worker, your status can be cancelled.

1. You have been decided to deport.

2. You have obtained a permission of change of status through unlawful or dishonest means.


If an EPS worker meets the requirements, prepare the documents and make an appointment with the Immigration Office. Complete the application for the “Change of Sojourn”.

Call 1345 for your Immigration inquiries.

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