SEOUL, 1 February – The Philippine Embassy in Seoul wishes to inform that the Korea Development Institute (KDI) School of Public Policy and Management is now accepting applications for scholarships under the 2017 Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP). The KGSP is a scholarship program sponsored by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) and is designed to provide higher education in Korea for international students.

KDI, since its establishment in 1971, has been recognized as a leading think tank of Korea significantly contributing to the economic and social development of Korea. For over three decades, KDI has consistently provided policy recommendations and guidance based on in-depth analyses of international and domestic economic conditions and projections while conducting preemptive and empirical studies. With international students from more than 70 countries around the world, KDI continues to create a unique multi-cultural environment every year.

Academic Programs and Study Areas:

1. Master of Public Policy (MPP) – designed to provide a global perspective and professional expertise in public policy
a. Finance and Macroeconomic Policy
b. Trade and Industry Policy
c. Public Finance and Social Policy
d. Regional Development and Environment
2. Master of Public Management (MPM) – designed to cover various facets of management and leadership in the public and private sectors
a. Public Administration and Leadership
b. Strategic Management
c. Global Governance and Political Economy
3. Master of Development Policy (MDP) – designed to examine various socio-economic issues in both the theoretical and the practical framework
a. International Development
b. Sustainable Development

Program Duration: Total of three years

– First year: Korean language training
– Second and Third year: Master’s program


– Full tuition
– Monthly stipend
– Round-trip airfare


– Must hold a bachelor’s or an equivalent degree prior to 31 August 2017
– Must have a GPA higher than a B or 80% from the previously attended institution
– Must be a non-Korean citizen whose parents are also non-Korean citizens
– Must be physically and mentally healthy
– Must be under 40 years of age as of 1 September 2017

How to Apply?

Applicants should apply via either a designated university or a designated embassy as indicated in the 2017 NIIED GKS-KGSP Application Guideline. You may download the application guideline from KDI School’s admissions website.

1. Application via KDI School:
– Application deadline is 20 March 2017
– Prepare application documents as instructed in the application guideline. Incomplete applications will not be submitted for evaluation.
– Submit required documents to the admissions office by the deadline. Address: 263 Namsejong-ro, Sejong-si, 30149, Republic of Korea
– Submit an online application through the KDI School’s admission website
– Final result: late June 2017

2. Application via Korean Embassy:
– Application deadline is to be determined by each embassy
– Prepare application documents as instructed in the application guideline
– Submit required documents to designated Korean embassy
– Final result: late June 2017
– Note: each designated embassy has a different application process and applicants applying via embassy must check with the embassy first.

Contact Information:

Address (Application Submission): The Office of Admissions, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, 263 Namsejong-ro, Sejong-si, 30149, Republic of Korea
Tel: +82-44-550-1281 (1220)
E-mail: internationaladmissions@kdis.ac.kr
Office hours: 09:00 – 18:00 KST
Website: http://admissions.kdischool.ac.kr

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