POEA made an announcement last week about preparing for the 2017 EPS-TOPIK. Here is what they posted on their website:

The Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD Korea) requires the passport number of applicants for registration with the next Test on Proficiency in Korean (EPS-TOPIK). The passport should be valid for more than one year on the date of registration.

Interested applicants with no passport yet or those with passport but at present valid for less than a year should apply for or renew their passport ASAP.

Registrants need to present actual passports and will not accept DFA receipt of payment or any proof of passport application during registration.

HRD Korea will announce later the schedule of registration with EPS-TOPIK.

If you’re planning to apply for the EPS-TOPIK this year, make sure to have a valid passport. You will need your passport to register for the exams. There is NO EXAM DATE yet but it is better to be prepared when POEA opens the application for the EPS-TOPIK.

For the schedule, just wait for the announcement on the website of POEA or HRD Korea.

For POEA – EPS announcement
For HRD Korea – EPS TOPIK announcement

Good luck!


  1. Ask Ko lng po,kc last year nag exam asawa Ko d pi xa pinalad makapasa, ngaun po magreregister xa uli ayaw po pumasok existing account daw, kelangan pi b gumawa uli ng bagong email or bagong e registration?

  2. when po ang next registration for girls?may next pa po ba?hindi po kasi kmi nkahabol nung feb.3 dhil po on process p ang passport nmin,,me nkpag sabi na once lng ang exam this year,how true po?and welcome po ba ang female applicants??thanks

    1. un ang laging nangyayari po hindi pwede mag invite ang E9 visa , pero marami napo nakapunta dito mga asawa nang E9 visa kung sila ay ma capacity mag apply of their own like may sarili syang trabaho – Gennie Kim

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